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Learning to Study

Grades 4-8

Study skills and strategies that can mean the difference between failure and success

Introduce students to important study skills and strategies with this flexible, comprehensive workbook program.

Colorful Student Books cover five grade levels. Each level builds on the preceding level, forming a powerful learning chain.


  • Introduces and advances important content area study skills and strategies.
  • The adaptable, step-by-step program can be used as
    • a developmental program
    • a supplemental program
    • an individualized program
  • Students develop study skills tested on national and state assessment and competency tests.
  • The skills and strategies are introduced sequentially, progressing from basic to more complex.
  • Review activities reinforce skills taught at lower levels.
  • Self-tests at the end of each section help students monitor their progress and discover areas that need further review.

Teacher Guides

  • a program overview
  • suggestions for teaching critical reading skills
  • extension activities
  • lesson plans
  • answer keys

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  1. Learning to Study - Grade 4 (Book D)

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  2. Learning to Study - Grade 5 (Book E)

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  3. Learning to Study - Grade 6 (Book F)

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  4. Learning to Study - Grade 7 (Book G)

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  5. Learning to Study - Grade 8 (Book H)

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1-10 of 10