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Achieving Competence in Science

Grades 7–8

Prepare students for any standardized science competency test

This book is designed to provide students with a comprehensive review of middle level science and prepare them for standardized state or city competency tests in science.

Ten chapters cover the life sciences, the earth sciences, and the physical sciences. Additional chapters discuss energy sources and issues and the interactions of science, technology, and society.


  • The major ideas of each topic are presented in a simple, straightforward manner.
  • Each chapter is divided into several sections, each of which is followed by questions that reinforce the main points presented.
  • Process Skills features throughout the text teach students a particular process-oriented skill or skills, such as interpreting graphs and diagrams. Each feature guides students through a process skill and then concludes with several follow-up questions that require students to apply the newly acquired skill on their own.
  • A practice test focuses on the major concepts, understandings, and process skills of a typical middle level science curriculum.
  • Illustrations throughout clarify concepts.

Answer Key

Includes answers to the exercise questions, Process Skills questions, and the Practice Test.


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  1. Achieving Competence in Science

    Achieving Competence in Science

    Student Edition

    Prepare students for any standardized science competency test with a concise review of the middle school science curriculum. Covers topics in earth, life, and physical science; and technology. Learn More

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  2. Achieving Competence in Science

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