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AMSCO's Science

Grades 6–8

Find excitement in learning all things science in middle school

Developed for year-long science classes, AMSCO’s Science introduces students to relevant science concepts, encourages the inquiry process, and reinforces main ideas taught throughout the program.


  • chapters are divided into manageable lessons that allow for flexibility
  • each unit begins with an Essential Question that focuses the student on the “Big Ideas” of that unit
  • includes skill exercises, activities, science-centered websites, and interesting features on little-known science facts
  • unique and age-specific images and diagrams engage students
  • a variety of question types of varying levels of difficulty address the needs of all students

Grade 6

Includes an introductory chapter on the nature of scientific inquiry and units on simple and complex machines, weather, diversity of life, and interdependence.

Grade 7

Includes units on geology, interactions between matter and energy, and dynamic equilibrium of humans and other organisms.

Grade 8

Includes units on reproduction, heredity, and evolution; humans in their environment; earth, sun, moon systems; and forces and motion on earth.

Teacher Package

Teacher Manual

Includes additional lesson plans and activities, providing time-saving features for teachers. 

Whiteboard Lessons

Provide additional questions, activities, images, and content review for each book.