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Advanced Placement® Overview

The Promise and Challenge of Advanced Placement®

The AMSCO® Advantage

Developed by leading experts, AMSCO® texts offer the right level of subject depth and text complexity, so teachers can be assured that students get the accessible content they need to successfully navigate the AP® course and exam. Streamlined content allows teachers to concentrate on what really matters—ensuring students have multiple opportunities for collaboration, critical analysis, and authentic practice.

Prepare ALL Students for Success in AP®

Consistently updated and modeled after the most current AP® course and exam descriptions, AP® editions provide scaffolded instruction, high-quality primary sources, guided inquiry, rich content, and multiple practice opportunities—all necessary for success on the AP® exam. Students will learn to think critically, evaluate sources, and develop coherent arguments—skills required in college, career, and civic life.

Developed with Leading Experts

The Bridge to College and Career Readiness

From AP® United States History to AP® Psychology, AMSCO® publishes superior social studies content from today’s leading experts.

AMSCO® authors and reviewers are known throughout the country as teachers and leaders within their respective disciplines. Serving as College Board Consultants, APSI Instructors, Table Leaders, Exam Readers, and Test-Item Writers for Advanced Placement® exams, our authors and reviewers have deep content knowledge, strong pedagogy skills, and in-depth understanding of College Board curriculum frameworks and exams.

What does it take to create an AMSCO® edition of an Advanced Placement® text? A team of dedicated authors, reviewers, and editors who are truly masters of their disciplines.


Detailed Alignment to College Board Frameworks

Successfully Navigate the AP® Course and Exam

Each text has been carefully aligned to the corresponding AP® course and exam framework and promptly updated following College Board course updates and exam revisions.

Written and reviewed by College Board consultants and award-winning instructors, our materials meticulously cover the entire course scope and expectations within a concise narrative.

In addition, correlations to the College Boards's 2019 Course Exam Descriptions provide exact alignment to the learning objectives for each title.

Making AP® Accessible to All Students—a Commitment to Equity and Excellence


Making college-level content accessible to high school students is of the utmost importance in ensuring success. Each text is carefully written and designed to ensure all students comprehend key ideas, learn and use concept vocabulary, and build their analytical and writing skills.

Scaffolded Learning Tasks

AMSCO® curriculum builds capacity, without sacrificing rigor, and supports students to develop the content knowledge and skills necessary to be successful.

  • In early chapters, guiding questions accompany primary sources to build a particular analytical skill.
  • Initial inquiry and essay tasks are designed to be narrow in scope, allowing students to master smaller skills first.
  • Instruction and tasks to develop disciplinary practices and reasoning skills move from simple to complex as students gain competence.

Streamlined Content

Each text is built to meet the specific thematic learning objectives as well as the Key Concepts, Key Topics, or Enduring Understandings for each unit. As a result, the depth and breadth of content coverage aligns precisely with the AP® frameworks and exams.


Developing College Readiness Skills

Students gain the critical “thinking” and “doing” skills required in rigorous college courses through extended practice in

  • evaluating authors' perspectives
  • analyzing primary and secondary sources
  • citing textual evidence to support arguments
  • developing cohesive written arguments

Preparing for the Advanced Placement® Exam

Chapter and Unit AP® Test Practice

All of the items in chapter and unit tests, whether multiple-choice or free-response, have been meticulously constructed to model the format and quality of those on the exam. Each question is tied to a specific learning objective, and teachers have access to scoring rubrics and model answers. Through regular chapter practice features, chapter tests, and unit tests, students gain targeted practice in source analysis, evaluation, and writing argumentative responses.

Summative Assessment

Each text also includes a complete practice exam mirroring the directions, timing, question formats, and content scope of the actual AP® exam. Each test item is correlated to a specific learning objective from the exam framework, allowing teachers to quickly diagnose individual and class performance.


All titles are available in softcover, ebook, or bundles. Ebooks powered by offer offline capabilities.

“What impressed me the most…was its attention to the format of the AP® exam. Other guides hit the topics in the College Board provided curriculum framework well but what sets this book apart is how those topics are directed at the skills necessary to succeed on the AP® exam. This moves beyond the assessments which are similar in difficulty and style to the items on released tests.”

—Social Studies Instructional Coach, Houston, Texas

Advanced Placement® is a trademark registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these products.