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Of the People: A History of the United States

By James Oakes | Grades 10–12

A college-level course that unfolds the story of American democracy, carefully marking how this country’s evolution has been anything but certain, from its complex beginnings to its modern challenges

Comprehensive coverage of all topic areas for the AP® U.S. History course.


  • examination of historical changes as they occurred in culture, government, society, the economy, the environment, and the military
  • each chapter opens with an American Portrait, placing notable Americans in the context of the events of their day
  • Struggles for Democracy highlights the changing ideas of democracy and the resulting new opportunities for the American people
  • America and the World underscores the importance of global relationships
  • primary source documents at the close of each chapter reinforce key themes, support Document-Based Questions, and provide additional avenues for analysis and discussion
  • FREE Student Companion Website provides students with Note Guides, Flashcards, Further Reading, and Quizzes
  • FREE Instructor Materials offers the teacher a comprehensive Instructor Manual, Test Bank, and PowerPoint presentation resources

Volume 1 covers important events and themes from 1450–1877.
Volume 2 covers important events and themes from 1865–present.

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