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Patterns of World History

By Peter von Sivers | Grades 10–12

A college-level course that encourages a broad-based understanding of continuity, change, and innovation in human history through a presentation of the global past

Comprehensive coverage of all topic areas for the AP® World History course.


  • encourages students to see and understand patterns through origins, interactions, and adaptations
  • Seeing Patterns, a list of key questions at the beginning of each chapter, focuses students on the three to five overarching patterns, which are revisited, considered, and synthesized at the end of each chapter in Thinking Through Patterns
  • primary sources from a diverse array of voices lend both context and commentary to the main narrative, and serve as support when answering Document-Based Questions
  • Against the Grain essays in each chapter illustrate how the discernment of patterns allows for an appreciation of alternatives
  • Patterns of Evidence, end-of-chapter textual and visual sources, reflect a wide variety of genres and perspectives and enhance student engagement with key chapter patterns
  • FREE Student Companion Website provides students with Note Guides, Flashcards, Further Reading, and Quizzes
  • FREE Instructor Ancillary Resource Center offers the teacher a comprehensive instructor manual, test bank, and PowerPoint presentation resources

Volume 1 covers The African Origins of Humanity (Prehistory–10,000 BCE) to Colonialism and Indigenous Responses in the Americas (1500–1800).

Volume 2 covers The Formation of Religious Civilizations (600–1450 CE) to A Fragile Capitalist-Democratic World Order (1991–present).

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