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Psychology: A Way to Grow

Grades 6–12

Excite students with the basic principles of psychology in this all-encompassing program

Covers such traditional topics as personality, learning, and social psychology with additional chapters on the brain and consciousness, child and adolescent development, and new frontiers in psychology. 567 pages.


  • special sections on research techniques, dreams, career opportunities, the troubled personality, and parapsychology add interest and depth
  • issues such as psychosurgery, hypnosis, genetic screening, and behavior modification are debated through a pro and con format
  • BioBoxes introduce students to prominent figures in the field of psychology, past and present
  • illustrations and photographs of well-known people in psychology, line drawings, tables, and charts enhance learning
  • frequent section checkups and end-of-chapter study aids including key terms, objective and discussion questions, and student activities, assist students in mastering concepts

Teacher Manual

Contains introductions, objectives, lessons, activities, terms and definitions, motivational ideas, and teaching suggestions for each chapter.


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  1. Psychology: A Way to Grow, Second Edition

    Psychology: A Way to Grow, Second Edition

    Carl R. Green

    Student Edition Softcover

    Introduces high school students to psychology and provides readers with a foundation in the basic theories and principles of psychology. It also guides students toward a greater understanding of their own capacityfor personal growth. Learn More

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  2. Psychology: A Way to Grow, Second Edition

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  3. Psychology: A Way to Grow, Second Edition

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