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The World Today: Current Problems and Their Origins

Grades 9–12

Explore current issues, events, and topics in the world today

Comprehensive coverage of rapid and dramatic changes in the world stimulates class discussion, critical thinking, and analysis. 368 pages.


  • analyze and discuss critical topics such as international security, nuclear weapons, human rights, and terrorism
  • studies new patterns in world business and trade, including corporate enterprise and globalization
  • explores pertinent information on new national leaders and the political, economic, and social issues facing the world
  • map, chart, and graph exercises reinforce skills development as students analyze and interpret data
  • frequent, ongoing assessments within chapters help students check understanding
  • section, chapter, and unit reviews require research, inference, critical thinking, and writing skills



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  1. World Today, Ninth Edition

    The World Today, Ninth Edition

    Henry Brun

    Student Edition Softcover

    Provides information on issues, events, and topics not usually explored in standard textbooks. Learn More

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  2. World Today, Ninth Edition

    The World Today, Ninth Edition

    Answer Key (Digital Edition)


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