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Essential World History

Grades 9–12

Tell the story of the world's civilizations and cultures, using a straightforward format accessible to all students

Organized using a chronological framework, this program tells the story of the world's civilizations and cultures. 584 pages.


  • comprehensive coverage of the world regions and the civilizations that developed in them from prehistory to the 21st century
  • emphasizes the contributions of regional cultures and ethnic groups that have influenced world civilizations
  • embedded, chapter-specific exercises develop map and graph reading skills
  • chapter reviews include matching, multiple-choice, essays, and Document-Based Questions and essays
  • develops essential skills necessary for success on world history exams
  • includes regional maps, a glossary, a list of world history websites, and an index
Teacher Package

Teacher Manual

Practical support includes lesson plans, additional assessment opportunities, and an Answer Key.


Provides additional chapter tests, including multiple-choice questions, chart analysis, and Document-Based Questions.


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  1. Essential World History

    Essential World History

    Henry Brun

    Student Edition Softcover

    Focuses on the history of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East begining in prehistory and coming up to the early 21st century. This highly illustrated book is organzied chronologically but with separate regional emphasis within each time period. Learn More

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  2. Essential World History

    Essential World History

    Teacher Package

    Includes Teacher Manual and Assessment Learn More

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