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World History

Grades 9-12

Focus on significant facts and concepts from ancient civilizations through modern history with this concise, basic world history text

Students explore the basics of world history from the earliest of times in the major Asian countries—Indian, China, and Japan—as well as European development and the problems facing Africa and Asia today.


  • eliminates nonessential information and focuses on key facts and significant concepts, enabling students to comprehend key concepts and develop analytical powers
  • considerable attention has been given to the discussion of recent world affairs, and the past is viewed in terms of current forces and problems
  • clear, carefully crafted text facilitates understanding and maintains interest
  • complete explanations are provided for difficult terms and concepts
  • sections are presented in a brief, easy-to-follow outline format
  • photographs, drawings, charts, and cartoons encourage critical thinking about world problems
  • chapter assessments include multiple-choice, fill in the blank, and essay questions


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  1. World History, Second Edition

    World History, Second Edition

    Irving L. Gordon



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